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Korbel Permanent Display

Compass Display Group designed and developed this high capacity, custom permanent display for the Korbel brand. Early concepts featured 1-2 cases of product, but as marketing needs evolved, our designers transposed the same sculptural look into a four-case workhorse. The side graphics and header hardware offer changeability for future programs and promotions.

The final production version, pictured here, elegantly displays four cases of product, neck out. The unique bottle presentation creates visual energy and invites the consumer to purchase. The branding on the bottle is expanded into the side panels of the display with scrollwork and the Korbel seal details. At the client's request, we delivered nearly 300 pre-assembled displays for quick and easy placement in G-Stores. These were engineered, prototyped and produced over the late summer & early fall months and shipped with time to spare for the holiday shopping season.

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