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CDG offers a unique perspective and service to the market in which we work.

We are not only award winning designers but we are also in house manufacturers of all things at the point of sale. We work in four distinct categories: Permanent point of sale, Semi-Permanent point of sale,  Temporary point of sale, General signage/kits, and Environmental Graphics. 


Our approach is simple.  We become true partners with our clients, listen to what the client needs, and react with timely results.  As companies grow and competition becomes at the forefront, we strive to effectively  push your brand above the rest through displays and graphics that work and drive the consumer to your products. We understand the arena for which we work and better yet understand that there are budgets involved to always meet ROI.  Please allow our team to show you what we can do on your next project.





With a staff of award winning designers, our approach is simple. We design into our displays a unique visual impact that, in the end, positively affects your ROI.  We understand the path to purchase and make sure our designs not only look appealing, function well, but can be built within a budget. 


Many designers approach a project without a clear understanding of how something is made and never concept something that cannot be built. Our process is setup to allow for maximum creativity early in early phases of concepting, but filtered down to real world, executable ideas before the formal presentation.  If a client has an established creative direction, we encourage increased communication during those early phases, so that we can hone in on the vision.

Design Compass Display Group
Build Compass Display Group


Compass has the distinction of being one of the few display companies within the US that designs, engineers, and builds all displays in house.  We have all of the expertise to work in wood, metal, and plastic on our floor.


On the printing side, we have our printing, mounting, die cutting, routing equipment at our facility. Having all of this equipment greatly enhances our ability to reach the tight deadlines which are inherent in our industry.

Ship Compass Display Group


Once we design and build it, we then can pack it and ship it. Our facility includes several complete pack out lines that can handle projects from small quantities to 1,000s of locations. 


We are online with our main shippers and have a staff dedicated to ensuring each kit or display is packed properly and shipped in the most economical way.  We understand store profiles and our service does not stop once shipped, we also continue with providing all of the necessary tracking associated with each project. 

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